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Free Icons For E-Commerce Websites

Most e-commerce websites use icons to direct their visitors for an easy shopping procedure. Sign-up, log in, pick items, see items in the basket or shopping cart, choose a payment method options, check on the delivery details and many more online-shopping processes are way easier with the presence of icons. Icons are used because they can simply illustrate and describe more than words.

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Creative and Artistic Poster Designs

For most designers, it can be difficult to find inspiration by doing quite the same tasks within daily ongoing projects. Going for a walk to catch some fresh air, reading an interesting book or simply going to the cinema can sometimes be helpful. Believe it or not, even that film poster can give you that kick of inspiration — not to mention the movie itself.

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Your business card can overtake your logo design – Beware!!

Let’s start with a fact…no matter how delicious you cook but if your food dish is not presentable, no one is going to taste it. Similarly, despite your amazing business services, your clients won’t be interested in contacting you until you get yourself noticed.

Our desperation to sell our products brings us to the magical world of Graphic Design which highlights our business in an alluring way. Undoubtedly, a business card is the most important marketing tool for every business but it shouldn’t be overly creative to overtake your logo design. Here are my reasons:

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350+ Smoke Brushes for Photoshop

Today continue their series of posts featuring collections of Photoshop brushes. In this post you’ll find 16 sets of free smoke brushes. These can be great for adding touches to your designs, especially on dark backgrounds.

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226 Brilliant Freelance & Work Related Icons Available Now

For this icon set focused on icons based around freelance and office work, this set contains everything from invoices & contracts, to noticeboards and project folders. For a full understanding of the variety of icons on offer make sure to check the full preview image.

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5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know

While many articles try to dissect the process of designing a logo itself, I will attempt to share tips from my experiences with branding-focused logo design for the real world.

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