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5 Tools to Make a Web Designer’s Life a Little Easier

With so many projects to handle at the same time, not to mention other professional and personal responsibilities, designers sometimes feels too much of work pressure. Although it can kill the productivity and creativity yet how to escape it can be really tough. Sometimes, all a designer needs is a little help.

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Five Useful Coding Techniques for Building a Dynamic Website

The ideal web experience for the average Internet user is one that feels both intuitive and interesting. The best websites create the sense that the future is now, and that users already know how it works. This creates a bit of excitement and makes users want to revisit a webpage simply because it’s fun to browse and navigate. Web design is a high art, and with recent advances in coding technology and technique, it has never been easier to create websites that delight and inspire viewers.

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All About BIG and BOLD Typography: Tips and Inspiration

There are many ways to attract viewers’ attention when it comes to web design. Flash techniques, awesome photography & catchy color schemes are just some of the many methods used to create visual interest. There is something even simpler that can create a big impact…kick-ass Typography. Specifically, I’m talking about big and bold typography. When used correctly it can stand alone in a layout and still attract a lot of attention.

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Turn-off Factors for Design Clients

When we talk about graphic designing, talent is not the only thing that can take you a long way. A lot of other factors are included. As a designer, you are always on the look for new clients and it is very important to sustain old clients as well. Your work definitely speaks for itself but maintaining a healthy relationship with your client is as important as coming up with an exceptional piece of creativity.

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Your business card can overtake your logo design – Beware!!

Let’s start with a fact…no matter how delicious you cook but if your food dish is not presentable, no one is going to taste it. Similarly, despite your amazing business services, your clients won’t be interested in contacting you until you get yourself noticed.

Our desperation to sell our products brings us to the magical world of Graphic Design which highlights our business in an alluring way. Undoubtedly, a business card is the most important marketing tool for every business but it shouldn’t be overly creative to overtake your logo design. Here are my reasons:

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5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know

While many articles try to dissect the process of designing a logo itself, I will attempt to share tips from my experiences with branding-focused logo design for the real world.

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